Contemporary world of business faces financial accounting challenge - to employ an individual accountant or to outsource accounting tasks to a qualified accounting company. Current market research shows that outsourcing of accounting tasks is an advantage, as:

  • a group of specialists has larger knowledge and experience, therefore reduces the risks of incompetence of an individual accountant;
  • when consulting the issues of taxation, every problematic question will be solved with law office;
  • legal person is fully liable for its obligations, its activities are insured;
  • monthly fee is smaller than the costs of maintaining an individual accountant (costs of work place, program, qualification rise, vacations, sickness)
Method of work:
  • An agreement is signed, you transfer the documents of accounting, issue the authorities to represent at public institutions;
  • In order to constantly know the state of the accounting, a specialist of TIA, responsible for your matters shall be appointed, it will be agreed on the amount of reports to you.

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