Managing of the financial accounting is initiated by supplying the primary books of the company to us. Upon the review of the data, TIA prepares all the required reports and declarations to the public institutions (Tax Inspection, Board of Social Security, Department of Statistics, etc.). In case your books and accounting has been neglected or you are not sure of the skill and competence of your accountant, TIA has all the capabilities to revise and adjust your financial books.

By becoming TIA business partner our client solves not only the problem of financial accounting, but also always has a financial advisor nearby. TIA can prepare your financial reports to banks, leasing companies, might evaluate your future partner or debtor. TIA offers to its clients a full range of services related tax consulting, preparation of companies internal documents, administration of debtors, representation of your interests at the public institutions. All these services can be provided cheaper and faster, because TIA has no need to reconsider all of its client‘s data once again, while client can avoid revealing its data to a third party.

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